We were given a choice of three different articles for this editorial, and I chose the one about Netflix competing in the movie industry. Netflix is something I understand because I use it just about every day and their movies really are excellent. I considered the one about Apple and the government but found that my best ideas were toward Netflix.


sketch sketch

sketchAs I mentioned, my best ideas were for Netflix, so I will put a few of those up. My favorite by far is my first, representing Netflix in a movie theater. This relates to the article in how Netflix is competing with big movie companies in winning awards.


draftdraftdraftI wanted the perspective to be from the back of a theater to show a big screen reading Netflix. At first I was using gradients and then decided to use halftones. I used a feathered texture for the glow of the screen, which took some time for me to decide how I wanted. I also used reference images to decide on the overall shape.

Reference Images:


I love how the seats look in this and the glow on the screen. I tried to capture that element and loved that everything was red to match the Netflix colors.



I love how this turned out and am especially happy with how the halftones look instead of the gradient.

Gig Poster

At first, I was nervous about this project. I was unsure as to what ideas I would come up with and what would inspire me. In class, we did a brainstorming idea with a whiteboard and random words, feelings, colors and genres. I had my roommates give me words and we used a nerf gun to imagine different images. In the end, I didn’t use any of those ideas, but the activity helped to get my brain going.


Scan 1






I came up with two basic ideas, one was a very large mushroom that looks like a tree, which is a very loose interpretation. I also thought of a tribal mask with a twist. The best I came up with was unnatural patterns or sunglasses. I really like how the tribal masks looked in the sketches and headed in that direction.


draft 1 draft 2 draft 3





I used one of my sketches for the overall shape and also for the letters. I tried using a font and shaping the letters, but loved how the letters looked as I drew them. So I made them a texture and placed them in. The colors took me a while to get right and adding details to the mask was a slow process, but I searched for African Tribal masks and colors for reference.

Reference Images:





I elongated the face and added line details with a special-made brush. I also created another texture for the sunglasses and maroon background out of a wood image.















I’m excited to see how it prints and am happy with the changes and refining process I went through.

T-shirt Design

I looked forward to this project all semester and had been brainstorming ideas for a while. I wanted to do a design that interested me and I would want to wear after. I really wanted something that others would also appreciate, that would speak to more than just me. I had more than a few ideas, but the most interesting one to me, the only one that actually made it on paper, was about Sasquatch.


sketch 2 sketch 1









I’m not the best at sketching, and because of that I had a few reference images pulled up on my computer. My idea was originally to have a full-faced big foot with the words “hide and seek champion” in a circle around it. As I sketched and looked around, I loved the idea of having half of his face hidden. I looked up images of chiaroscuro and wanted to follow that pattern.


reference 1 reference 2




The reference images helped me to get the facial shape that I wanted, at least to the best of my ability.


Draft 1

Draft 2

draft 4





As I was editing my drafts, I elongated the face and changed the location of the eyes and mouth to be closer together. I also created a brush and added it as the stroke to add variation to the edges. This helped soften lines and give me more ideas. I ended up changing the words and looking up when the first sasquatch sighting was, 1811. My edges had different styles, so I made them more block-ish and gave a little more of a forehead.


Sasquatch Final

When I printed, my blacks were different colors so I should have checked that before sending it in. It ended up looking good anyway and I’m happy with how it turned out.

Vector Watch

For this project we are creating a timepiece iin Illustrator that will look realistic. I’m choosing a watch as it is something I see on a regular basis, as opposed to an alarm clock or any other time telling device. I’m unsure about how to make a realistic-looking object but witht the right shading it is possible.


For my sketches I was lucky enough to have a circular cutout of many different sizes, which helped me to really visualize what I wanted. I love Fossil watches so I used those as most of my references and spent a ton of time on their website looking at different styles. The hardest part for me is finding the right angle of the light and consistently portraying that through the piece. The other part that will be difficult is the hands. I want a simple look but I know that can be hard to accomplish.

Reference 1
Reference ImagesReference 3 Reference 2

These were my favorite watches to use as references, I even own the middle one and took some pictures of it with different lights hitting it to help me out.

Draft 1

Draft 2Draft 5 Draft 4

Draft 3Draft 6

I came a long way in the past week. My first draft had gradients all over the place and was over complicated. In class, when we learned how to make the gradient mesh, I was able to correct some of my mistakes and work more productively. I had one of my good friends, Rain Sprague, critique my watch more than a few times to see from differnt eyes. The hardest part for me was making the gradients more subtle and getting the right angles. The hands also gave me trouble, I spent a lot of time examining reference images and going back and forth with gradients and shadows.


I’m really proud of my watch. The highlights are in the right places, the hands look wonderful and simple, and I love how the glass turned out. This was a great learning experience and showed me that I am more capable than I imagine myself.