Guaraná Product Redesign

The Project:

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on redesigning a product that I felt was lacking an aesthetic appeal, as recognized as it is in the Brazilian community. I wanted to redesign the label for Guaraná Antarctica to have a simpler and cleaner feel. My target audience is the higher class Brazilian population.

I chose this as my target audience because in my experience with Brazilians if the soda is classier-looking and not in a plastic bottle, the general population won’t  spend money on it. However, it will be perfect for weddings and parties and the everyday lifestyle of the upper-class members of society.

I chose to do this redesign because while I was in Brazil, this is the soda most often bought and consumed, even more than Coca-Cola. While it is immensely popular, every time I saw that label I imagined a way for it to look better. I’m just really not a fan of the green or the gradient it has on it.



I was able to find some great ideas on Pinterest for what I wanted to base my redesign on. I wanted to especially redesign the way the fruit was presented and have it look less like a red cherry and more like the actual guaraná fruit, but keep it incredibly simple.


I modeled my feel off these two examples and did some experimenting with a vector berry. The fruit looks remarkably like an eyeball, so it was a struggle to make it actually look like fruit.



The Work:

I started off with looking for the right font to use. Of these, I chose to use Futura Meduim, the third from the bottom.


I started by pulling the colors from the original logo and label. I decided to keep the red but change the green. I made the background yellow initially to complement the red.


I love how the fruit and text make a pyramid shape that grabs your attention, although I wasn’t so much a fan of the yellow, especially since the soda is similar in color to ginger ale.


Since I don’t actually have Guaraná on hand, as it’s being held at customs and unavailable for purchase, I pulled the nutrition facts, ingredients, and other info from screen shots of labels online. I created a barcode image and used the trace option on Illustrator to vectorize it. After some peer feedback, I messed around with the label to make it more fun and thickened the font, but it basically stayed the same.


I messed around with a few different colors and decided to use the light blue. It works well with the red and stands out.


I printed a practice version and found that the sides overlapped too much, leaving the logo off-center. I also ended up changing the glass bottle I wanted to use, so I reformatted the label to fit on a Jones bottle.

I also enjoyed coming up with creative ways to showcase the barcode and after checking that it does indeed scan, went with this idea.


In the end, these are my colors.



I made the necessary changes, printed out a practice version, and loved it. I also created an image for the cap, to tie it all together.

These were printed on sticker paper and then added to Jones glass soda bottles.


I love how the label turned out on the bottle!

20161105_121322 img_20161105_121956

While I wish I had a side by side comparison right now, as soon as Guaraná is released from border control, I’ll post a comparison here!


NT 7

This is it! I have learned so much in the weeks that I have been studying the 4 Gospels. While the class may be coming to an end, I know I have so much more to learn from the scriptures and I’m excited to be able to continue learning and maturing and coming closer to Christ as I continue to study diligently.

This week we studied Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21. A few of the sections that stuck out to me are listed below.

  1. Pilate was given multiple warnings and chances to choose the right. We are never given only one warning. Luke 23
  2. Jesus had an immense love and respect for women. John 20:16
  3. Repetition of 3x asking and repeating to feed His lambs showed how important it is to Jesus that we sacrifice for others. John 21:15

This week I was able to focus on obedience, like when Peter was asked to feed His sheep. He is asked to do this three separate times, so it has to be important. Unfortunately, the disciples didn’t catch on to that importance and returned to fishing once Christ was gone. Christ of course does not want them to do this but to share His gospel with everyone. We too can be like Peter, we know we are supposed to do something and we fall back and start doing the thing we are comfortable doing. We have to get out of our comfort zones and do what Christ would have us do.

Throughout all of the New Testament, we can see examples of the love Jesus has for women. My favorite is here where he would have preferred the women sit and listen to His teaching than clean. This certainly was far from the normal at the time and helps me to set my priorities not to how society would like me to look or appear, but to how Christ would like me to be.

This is a good perspective to look at. I’m sure quite a bit of it comes from cultural differences and personal differences between the apostles. I have commandments that I am more willing to accept and then others where I need a little more prayer and to change my perspective in order to accept. Each person has a weakness.

NT Week 6

This week had some of the most powerful and influential chapters for me to study. Focusing on the end of our Saviors life and how selfless He was, highlights just how much we can improve.

We read Matthew 25:1-26:35; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 13; Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 14-18. From this, there were a few main principles that stuck out to me.

  1. Depending on our circumstances, we do things we never thought possible for us to want or consider doing. Matthew 26:35
  2. Even being perfect and having all the answers, He was still mocked and rejected. Luke 22:63
  3. Without the presence of the Lord in our lives, we cannot live up to our true potential. John 15:4

My first point relates back to Peter and how he denied the Lord three times. To him, that was an unthinkable act and would never happen. As the day went on, he tried to blend in with the crowd and said those things he regretted so. But it doesn’t change the fact that in a moment of weakness, who really knows what we are capable of.

What really stuck out to me this week was when Jesus spoke about the disciples as if they were branches of a tree. When a branch is no longer connected to the tree, it cannot bring forth fruit. This is a perfect analogy for our lives without Christ. We must stay not only connected to Him, but we also need to bring forth the fruit that is a result of following Him. My favorite account of this was in John 14.

We can go through the motions of following the gospel by going to church on Sundays and reading our scriptures and saying our prayers, but if we don’t grow as we do those things, make changes in our lives to reflect these changes, then we are not showing that fruit of our work. If we don’t show the result of the things we learn or put them into effect in our lives, it’s as if we are ignorant to what we learned.