Weekly Reflection

The social media section has been the easiest for me to understand since I work with social media every day. I have loved the different views that add to what I already know because I am not an expert by any means. The articles were great and provided insight for every type of business model.

The social plan of a company is so important because the feel of your ad will be the feeling others associate with your product. You want to make a good impression! Going over the importance of SEO gave me a lot of information that I didn’t know, but mostly the why instead of the how. Loved it!


Weekly Reflection

I found SEO to be interesting. I never knew that linking your page to other important pages would help drive traffic to it, but after the explanation in the video, it makes a lot of sense. I work with a little bit of SEO at my job, but it’s more of gathering information for potential clients to see how their website is set up. So we check if they have descriptions or if they have titles and headings, then we record all of it and add in what is missing. I liked that I was able to see a different level of it here and actually find out why and how those things are important. I also learned that I definitely need to get started on linkbacks, because I do see how those could help my site gain traction. Overall, this week was enjoyable, even though the discussion boards all had the same idea, so it was harder to have a variation on it.

Weekly Reflection

This week was definitely one of the more interesting weeks. I loved learning how to start an AdWords campaign and also being able to view the results from it. It will make it so much easier for me to know what works and what doesn’t, what people do and don’t like.

Learning all the technical terms and calculations will take time as we gather information. Most of it right now is speculation but I’m ready for some concrete numbers to really know what’s going on with the ROI and ad performances. I guess the waiting part is more frustrating.

Overall, I feel like this week has been more vital than the other ones and I love that everything is coming together right now.

Weekly Summary

This week was a simpler week with a little more free time. I enjoyed this free time so much! It gave me an opportunity to take my time and get to know how to use wordpress for my website. I have a clearer understanding of how to edit settings and customize my page to match the feel I’m going for.

I loved reading all the ads the class came up with! There were some really catchy ones and others that needed more work. Just getting the idea out there for others to critique helped me expand my ideas and improve with their suggestions. I love the honesty in our discussion boards. Getting to know AdWords was fun! I’m excited to get to use it soon.

Weekly Reflection 4

I was more comfortable with this week. I’m lucky for that because I’ve been trying to pull ahead and work on both weeks since I’m going to Cancun on Tuesday! I enjoyed reviewing other websites and pulling ideas from them to incorporate into my site. I’m pretty used to doing this for reference to my own site.

Learning about PayPal was interesting. I like all the options available and how you can make your own button if you want. I also like that you can create a drop-down list, which I would definitely need. The class gave PayPal great reviews, both for user and buyer.

We also began looking into licenses and taxes. There is so much information available that it’s hard to sift through. I’m hoping I don’t go into debt from this!

I’m loving the hands on experience and look forward to having everything put together.

Weekly Reflection 3

This week started to move into a territory I’m more familiar with, the actual website. First, I had to get through Google Analytics, however. I tried to figure out a lot of the program by myself and should have asked way more questions or watched videos or something. Luckily, my dad knows GA and was willing to give me a little tutorial based on what I needed for the project. After seeing the correlation between the Keyword search, graphs, and my project, I was on my own two feet once again! I want to learn more of the capabilities of AdWords and become certified. This is a project for once this semester is over, though.

Finding the perfect host and domain were easier than I expected. I got a lot of good recommendations and went with WordPress, with GoDaddy as the host. My domain is foreverbath.biz which is great because it was inexpensive and I like the .biz.

The next few sections is where I feel more in my element. Website, photography, layout…that’s me. I’m excited to get this thing off the ground!

Weekly Summary 2

Drop shipping and everything it entails was very confusing. It took me reading the comments others posted, who had a better understanding of it, to get the full concept. Even now it’s a little washy of an understanding, but experience is something that can fix that. There are just so many precautionary details to not get screwed over by a big company. When used properly, it can really turn a profit and be the best decision. I was able to understand affiliate just a little better because I’ve used Amazon, even though that’s about as far as my experience goes. The sites that promoted affiliates were easy to understand although it was apparent you wouldn’t get as much money.

In my own idea for bath bombs, I now have no idea what would be better to use since I would be making the product myself. It seems it would be easier for me to ship everything like with an affiliate rather than buy and send in bulk. I don’t know how drop shipping would work in my case.

Although I’m a bit confused, that’s what I expected from my first business class.