Guaraná Product Redesign

The Project:

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on redesigning a product that I felt was lacking an aesthetic appeal, as recognized as it is in the Brazilian community. I wanted to redesign the label for Guaraná Antarctica to have a simpler and cleaner feel. My target audience is the higher class Brazilian population.

I chose this as my target audience because in my experience with Brazilians if the soda is classier-looking and not in a plastic bottle, the general population won’t  spend money on it. However, it will be perfect for weddings and parties and the everyday lifestyle of the upper-class members of society.

I chose to do this redesign because while I was in Brazil, this is the soda most often bought and consumed, even more than Coca-Cola. While it is immensely popular, every time I saw that label I imagined a way for it to look better. I’m just really not a fan of the green or the gradient it has on it.



I was able to find some great ideas on Pinterest for what I wanted to base my redesign on. I wanted to especially redesign the way the fruit was presented and have it look less like a red cherry and more like the actual guaraná fruit, but keep it incredibly simple.


I modeled my feel off these two examples and did some experimenting with a vector berry. The fruit looks remarkably like an eyeball, so it was a struggle to make it actually look like fruit.



The Work:

I started off with looking for the right font to use. Of these, I chose to use Futura Meduim, the third from the bottom.


I started by pulling the colors from the original logo and label. I decided to keep the red but change the green. I made the background yellow initially to complement the red.


I love how the fruit and text make a pyramid shape that grabs your attention, although I wasn’t so much a fan of the yellow, especially since the soda is similar in color to ginger ale.


Since I don’t actually have Guaraná on hand, as it’s being held at customs and unavailable for purchase, I pulled the nutrition facts, ingredients, and other info from screen shots of labels online. I created a barcode image and used the trace option on Illustrator to vectorize it. After some peer feedback, I messed around with the label to make it more fun and thickened the font, but it basically stayed the same.


I messed around with a few different colors and decided to use the light blue. It works well with the red and stands out.


I printed a practice version and found that the sides overlapped too much, leaving the logo off-center. I also ended up changing the glass bottle I wanted to use, so I reformatted the label to fit on a Jones bottle.

I also enjoyed coming up with creative ways to showcase the barcode and after checking that it does indeed scan, went with this idea.


In the end, these are my colors.



I made the necessary changes, printed out a practice version, and loved it. I also created an image for the cap, to tie it all together.

These were printed on sticker paper and then added to Jones glass soda bottles.


I love how the label turned out on the bottle!

20161105_121322 img_20161105_121956

While I wish I had a side by side comparison right now, as soon as Guaraná is released from border control, I’ll post a comparison here!


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