Jacqueline and Cesar Wedding Infographic


My older sister, Jacqueline, is getting married in the next few months. To help her out, I made her invitations and wanted to put together a little bit about the history of her and Cesar to help out extended family members and acquaintances.

In this project, I was able to gather information about them both and make it into a cute chart to easily display information. I also created a hashtag for her wedding and individual shareable images to more easily share on social media.


I started with a word list and listed the interesting things that could apply to her wedding. It will be in Texas on a far, so I tried to add a little bit of a country feel to it. Her colors are blue and yellow, so everything is based off that. I then called her to gather fun little facts about the two of them, such as how long they have known each other and what their favorite things to do together are.


As I laid out the information I wanted to use, I began to create a rough outline, above, and brainstorm what color scheme I would use and how my header and footer would look. I then took my sketches to Illustrator and began building it out.

Color Scheme


The two fonts I chose to use are Avenir Light and Jasmine Bold. These are the fonts used on her invitation so it was important to me to be consistent. They complement each other with the script and sans serif and I love how they look together!


I started building everything out in a square format and then moved everything to the full-size chart after.

individual_1 individual_2png

After some peer critique, I switched things up a bit in the footer and with the wedding party info. I then began organizing content onto the full graph and picking and choosing what information is most important to me.

Here are a few of my favorite graphics.

I chose to place everything on a cream background to complement the hints of yellow and make the blue pop.

Before and After

I made quite a few edits and changes that made the graphic more cohesive as the week progressed. Here is just one example.


Stylized Chart

In order to stylistically present information, I got a great idea for a friend to present it in the shape of a wedding cake. I chose to show the amount of time my sister and her fiance have know each other, divided into just friends, dating, and engaged.




Here is what my final infographic looks like after refining and taking in feedback!



The yellow adds flow to the graphic and the information presented is important for both sides of the family to know. When put in a cute format like this, I’m confident people will stop to read it.


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