NT Week 6

This week had some of the most powerful and influential chapters for me to study. Focusing on the end of our Saviors life and how selfless He was, highlights just how much we can improve.

We read Matthew 25:1-26:35; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 13; Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 14-18. From this, there were a few main principles that stuck out to me.

  1. Depending on our circumstances, we do things we never thought possible for us to want or consider doing. Matthew 26:35
  2. Even being perfect and having all the answers, He was still mocked and rejected. Luke 22:63
  3. Without the presence of the Lord in our lives, we cannot live up to our true potential. John 15:4

My first point relates back to Peter and how he denied the Lord three times. To him, that was an unthinkable act and would never happen. As the day went on, he tried to blend in with the crowd and said those things he regretted so. But it doesn’t change the fact that in a moment of weakness, who really knows what we are capable of.

What really stuck out to me this week was when Jesus spoke about the disciples as if they were branches of a tree. When a branch is no longer connected to the tree, it cannot bring forth fruit. This is a perfect analogy for our lives without Christ. We must stay not only connected to Him, but we also need to bring forth the fruit that is a result of following Him. My favorite account of this was in John 14.

We can go through the motions of following the gospel by going to church on Sundays and reading our scriptures and saying our prayers, but if we don’t grow as we do those things, make changes in our lives to reflect these changes, then we are not showing that fruit of our work. If we don’t show the result of the things we learn or put them into effect in our lives, it’s as if we are ignorant to what we learned.


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