NT 2

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to study the Beatitudes and more about the ministry of Jesus and the miracles he performed while on this earth. We were able to see how the people gravitated toward Him and respected and felt the truth in His words. You could see that the people had faith because miracles were able to be performed.

In these chapters, you get to know a lot more about the characteristics of Christ. You come to understand how He is perfect rather than just know it because you were told. Seeing how selfless, merciful, and accepting He was of all people in all walks of life is an inspiration and always will be.

We will not be perfect like Him in this life, but by creating the habit of being kind to other, of going out of our way to help another, of thinking less of ourselves, we are becoming more like Him. As we seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost to guide us to all things holy, we can show our faith, just like the woman with the blood disease, and reach out our hand to grab hold of the unknown. We cannot always see the end result of our actions, but if they are done with faith and are the will of the Lord’s, they will always be the right action.


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