NT Week 1

I just started a new class, the first New Testament class, at BYU-Idaho. It focuses on the 4 Gospels. I am very excited to participate in this class and learn more about the time when Jesus was among the people and preaching and healing. This week we focused on the first few chapters of every book, specifically Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2; John 1:1-18, 17:1-5; Matthew 3-4; Mark 1; Luke 3-4; John 1:1-19-4:54.

These chapters were all very inspiring and I love the different perspectives that are gained from each book collectively.

I loved how we started off our reading by being reminded of Christ’s birth. I could write a whole segment just on the significance of this and how it has affected me personally and brought me so much joy in my life. Christmas time brings out this joy in everyone, and the world seems to be a better place when they come nearer to Christ and reflect on His life during Christmas season. It will be that time again before we know it! Reading about the sacrifices that were made by His parents and those who looked after Him to be protectors as a newborn is inspiring and shows just how much He was loved by his earthly and godly parents.

We were shown that He was baptized by immersion and by one who holds the proper priesthood authority, two things that are hard for many to recognize today. I’m grateful for the clarification that is received in the Book of Mormon relating to baptism that makes it so much clearer as to the proper order of baptism.

What really got my attention in this reading was how He was tempted after the 40-day fast. Being so physically weak, it had to have been one of the greatest struggles of his life up to that point. Even so, he selflessly denied giving in to pride and cited scripture after scripture to show Satan what’s up. One part that amazes me, is even after Satan left, His first reaction was to free John from prison in Galilee.

I’m excited to get into His ministry and be reminded of all the miracles He performed for those who were in need and had faith. His ministry is inspiring and uplifting in times when we need to be lifted up.


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