Weekly Reflection

This week was definitely one of the more interesting weeks. I loved learning how to start an AdWords campaign and also being able to view the results from it. It will make it so much easier for me to know what works and what doesn’t, what people do and don’t like.

Learning all the technical terms and calculations will take time as we gather information. Most of it right now is speculation but I’m ready for some concrete numbers to really know what’s going on with the ROI and ad performances. I guess the waiting part is more frustrating.

Overall, I feel like this week has been more vital than the other ones and I love that everything is coming together right now.


Weekly Reflection

Calculating the relevance and quality score was a great thing to learn. Knowing which keywords are more likely to succeed and have a higher score helped me to choose which ones would be included in my ads. It was less complicated than I thought it would be and allowed lots of time to learn about improving the scores. I actually loved learning about connecting adwords and analytics. So much more information will be gathered and learning the differences didn’t take too long.

Weekly Summary

This week was a simpler week with a little more free time. I enjoyed this free time so much! It gave me an opportunity to take my time and get to know how to use wordpress for my website. I have a clearer understanding of how to edit settings and customize my page to match the feel I’m going for.

I loved reading all the ads the class came up with! There were some really catchy ones and others that needed more work. Just getting the idea out there for others to critique helped me expand my ideas and improve with their suggestions. I love the honesty in our discussion boards. Getting to know AdWords was fun! I’m excited to get to use it soon.

Weekly Reflection

I have dabbled in learning keywords and comparing which words work best for my campaign. I think it’s interesting how by adding on keywords Google can determine the reach and cost of your ad. It makes it so simple for me! Learning how to work around AdWords has been a process to learn with all the different steps, but once I got through it a few times I was able to understand how one thing affects the other and how they all correlate.

I’ve loved it so far and am working on product photography for the website. It’s been a fun process so far!