Weekly Reflection 3

This week started to move into a territory I’m more familiar with, the actual website. First, I had to get through Google Analytics, however. I tried to figure out a lot of the program by myself and should have asked way more questions or watched videos or something. Luckily, my dad knows GA and was willing to give me a little tutorial based on what I needed for the project. After seeing the correlation between the Keyword search, graphs, and my project, I was on my own two feet once again! I want to learn more of the capabilities of AdWords and become certified. This is a project for once this semester is over, though.

Finding the perfect host and domain were easier than I expected. I got a lot of good recommendations and went with WordPress, with GoDaddy as the host. My domain is foreverbath.biz which is great because it was inexpensive and I like the .biz.

The next few sections is where I feel more in my element. Website, photography, layout…that’s me. I’m excited to get this thing off the ground!


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