Weekly Summary 2

Drop shipping and everything it entails was very confusing. It took me reading the comments others posted, who had a better understanding of it, to get the full concept. Even now it’s a little washy of an understanding, but experience is something that can fix that. There are just so many precautionary details to not get screwed over by a big company. When used properly, it can really turn a profit and be the best decision. I was able to understand affiliate just a little better because I’ve used Amazon, even though that’s about as far as my experience goes. The sites that promoted affiliates were easy to understand although it was apparent you wouldn’t get as much money.

In my own idea for bath bombs, I now have no idea what would be better to use since I would be making the product myself. It seems it would be easier for me to ship everything like with an affiliate rather than buy and send in bulk. I don’t know how drop shipping would work in my case.

Although I’m a bit confused, that’s what I expected from my first business class.


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