We were given a choice of three different articles for this editorial, and I chose the one about Netflix competing in the movie industry. Netflix is something I understand because I use it just about every day and their movies really are excellent. I considered the one about Apple and the government but found that my best ideas were toward Netflix.


sketch sketch

sketchAs I mentioned, my best ideas were for Netflix, so I will put a few of those up. My favorite by far is my first, representing Netflix in a movie theater. This relates to the article in how Netflix is competing with big movie companies in winning awards.


draftdraftdraftI wanted the perspective to be from the back of a theater to show a big screen reading Netflix. At first I was using gradients and then decided to use halftones. I used a feathered texture for the glow of the screen, which took some time for me to decide how I wanted. I also used reference images to decide on the overall shape.

Reference Images:


I love how the seats look in this and the glow on the screen. I tried to capture that element and loved that everything was red to match the Netflix colors.



I love how this turned out and am especially happy with how the halftones look instead of the gradient.


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