Forever Bath

Introducing mine and Amanda’s new project: Bath bombs!


I am creating a business for a class this semester. I have no idea what I’m doing yet but I have chosen my product, which is bath bombs! We made our practice batch today and I documented the process with some pictures. Eventually, I’ll set up a facebook, instagram, and website for our little company, Forever Bath. More updates to come!




I was lucky enough to catch a ride to Lyman, WY with a few of my roommates this semester. Good times with great people! I’m so glad I brought my camera along. Huge thanks to Ashlee Quinney for driving, her wonderful family for housing us, and Megan and Kyle for entertaining me on the drive. Oh and that moose picture wouldn’t have happened without Kyle’s keen eye.



We were given a choice of three different articles for this editorial, and I chose the one about Netflix competing in the movie industry. Netflix is something I understand because I use it just about every day and their movies really are excellent. I considered the one about Apple and the government but found that my best ideas were toward Netflix.


sketch sketch

sketchAs I mentioned, my best ideas were for Netflix, so I will put a few of those up. My favorite by far is my first, representing Netflix in a movie theater. This relates to the article in how Netflix is competing with big movie companies in winning awards.


draftdraftdraftI wanted the perspective to be from the back of a theater to show a big screen reading Netflix. At first I was using gradients and then decided to use halftones. I used a feathered texture for the glow of the screen, which took some time for me to decide how I wanted. I also used reference images to decide on the overall shape.

Reference Images:


I love how the seats look in this and the glow on the screen. I tried to capture that element and loved that everything was red to match the Netflix colors.



I love how this turned out and am especially happy with how the halftones look instead of the gradient.