Gig Poster

At first, I was nervous about this project. I was unsure as to what ideas I would come up with and what would inspire me. In class, we did a brainstorming idea with a whiteboard and random words, feelings, colors and genres. I had my roommates give me words and we used a nerf gun to imagine different images. In the end, I didn’t use any of those ideas, but the activity helped to get my brain going.


Scan 1






I came up with two basic ideas, one was a very large mushroom that looks like a tree, which is a very loose interpretation. I also thought of a tribal mask with a twist. The best I came up with was unnatural patterns or sunglasses. I really like how the tribal masks looked in the sketches and headed in that direction.


draft 1 draft 2 draft 3





I used one of my sketches for the overall shape and also for the letters. I tried using a font and shaping the letters, but loved how the letters looked as I drew them. So I made them a texture and placed them in. The colors took me a while to get right and adding details to the mask was a slow process, but I searched for African Tribal masks and colors for reference.

Reference Images:





I elongated the face and added line details with a special-made brush. I also created another texture for the sunglasses and maroon background out of a wood image.















I’m excited to see how it prints and am happy with the changes and refining process I went through.


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