T-shirt Design

I looked forward to this project all semester and had been brainstorming ideas for a while. I wanted to do a design that interested me and I would want to wear after. I really wanted something that others would also appreciate, that would speak to more than just me. I had more than a few ideas, but the most interesting one to me, the only one that actually made it on paper, was about Sasquatch.


sketch 2 sketch 1









I’m not the best at sketching, and because of that I had a few reference images pulled up on my computer. My idea was originally to have a full-faced big foot with the words “hide and seek champion” in a circle around it. As I sketched and looked around, I loved the idea of having half of his face hidden. I looked up images of chiaroscuro and wanted to follow that pattern.


reference 1 reference 2




The reference images helped me to get the facial shape that I wanted, at least to the best of my ability.


Draft 1

Draft 2

draft 4





As I was editing my drafts, I elongated the face and changed the location of the eyes and mouth to be closer together. I also created a brush and added it as the stroke to add variation to the edges. This helped soften lines and give me more ideas. I ended up changing the words and looking up when the first sasquatch sighting was, 1811. My edges had different styles, so I made them more block-ish and gave a little more of a forehead.


Sasquatch Final

When I printed, my blacks were different colors so I should have checked that before sending it in. It ended up looking good anyway and I’m happy with how it turned out.


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