Vector Watch

For this project we are creating a timepiece iin Illustrator that will look realistic. I’m choosing a watch as it is something I see on a regular basis, as opposed to an alarm clock or any other time telling device. I’m unsure about how to make a realistic-looking object but witht the right shading it is possible.


For my sketches I was lucky enough to have a circular cutout of many different sizes, which helped me to really visualize what I wanted. I love Fossil watches so I used those as most of my references and spent a ton of time on their website looking at different styles. The hardest part for me is finding the right angle of the light and consistently portraying that through the piece. The other part that will be difficult is the hands. I want a simple look but I know that can be hard to accomplish.

Reference 1
Reference ImagesReference 3 Reference 2

These were my favorite watches to use as references, I even own the middle one and took some pictures of it with different lights hitting it to help me out.

Draft 1

Draft 2Draft 5 Draft 4

Draft 3Draft 6

I came a long way in the past week. My first draft had gradients all over the place and was over complicated. In class, when we learned how to make the gradient mesh, I was able to correct some of my mistakes and work more productively. I had one of my good friends, Rain Sprague, critique my watch more than a few times to see from differnt eyes. The hardest part for me was making the gradients more subtle and getting the right angles. The hands also gave me trouble, I spent a lot of time examining reference images and going back and forth with gradients and shadows.


I’m really proud of my watch. The highlights are in the right places, the hands look wonderful and simple, and I love how the glass turned out. This was a great learning experience and showed me that I am more capable than I imagine myself.


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