Photo book

After WordPress re-did their site, I could not figure out how to make my images clickable again. I just figured it out! This is the cover for my photo book and links to a pdf of all my final content. Enjoy!





I entered in the Photographics Society contest with the theme of powerful. I loved going through my photos with that in mind and picking my favorites. I had them printed at 8×12.

Photographics Society is a BYU-I organization with contests throughout the year. I chose this contest because since I’m not a member, I can only enter in the print photography contests.

Check them out here!




Light Painting

Light painting was so great. I loved the setups available. I brought my own flashlight which was a yellower tone as opposed to the LED flashlights provided. I was grateful for the variation which allowed me to have some cool effects, like with the clarinet. I was great at getting light trails, something I need to work on. Lucky for me, they turn out pretty cool sometimes.






Fine Art Print

I had a great time at Jackson Hole for Thanksgiving and was able to take some nice shots. From those, I tried out a few HDR, this being one of them. From the three originals I enhanced the red and blue, edited out a fuzz on my lens, and brightened it up a bit. I’m happy with how it turned out for not having much experience with HDR.