Bannack Fine Art

I absolutely loved going to Bannack, MO and exploring the ghost town there. There were so many beautiful things there and my photography does not do it justice. All of these images are taken with natural lighting except for the boot spur, which had a flash on the left side and window light on the right. The last image is HDR image compiled in Photomatix.

mckenzielyman-fineart-1-2 mckenzielyman-fineart-1 mckenzielyman-fineart-2 mckenzielyman-fineart-4mckenzielyman-fineart-1-3 mckenzielyman-fineart-5mckenzielyman-fineart-3 mckenzielyman-fineart-6 mckenzielyman-fineart-7mckenzielyman_HDR3

mckenzielyman_HDR mckenzielyman_under mckenzielyman_over

These border on portraits, but I love them too much to leave them out.

mckenzielyman-portrait-20 mckenzielyman-portrait-15 mckenzielyman-portrait-13 mckenzielyman-portrait-8


3 thoughts on “Bannack Fine Art

  1. Great job Mckenzie! I love how well you captured the details of the model, like the guns and spurs, and the clothes on the ground with the hat. I really like how they aren’t just pictures of objects. I feel like each one tells a little story. My favorite is the one with the gun pointing out of the building. That was such a clever idea! Good job.

    Here’s a link to photos that tell stories:


  2. Great compositions and shots Everything looks so crisp and clean. Nice use of natural lighting. I also liked how you put so much effort in getting those closeups and detailed images.

    My blog’s portraits:
    Leah’s fine art:
    External link:


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