Portraits: My wonderful roommates helped me out with this photo shoot. They have been best friends for some time and have great chemistry, making them easier to photograph. We went outside Mountain Lofts around noon for the great lighting. I was able to give a few comments about how to stand and where to look, which was fun.

Megan in her natural environment, watching Netflix.
Full body
Group activity
Group posed
Head shot
Head Shot

Portrait Enhancements: The enhancements were my favorite part. I love learning these tricks to get better looking images, especially since lighting isn’t always ideal.

  1. I brightened the white and darkened the black. I also smoothed out the paint lines on the edge, as white was showing through.



mckenzielyman-megan mckenzielyman-megan-dark




6 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Mckenzie! You have such awesome photos! My favorite is the one of the close-up eyeball and the face with the face paint on it. Those are my favorites, because of the detail that you are able to see with it. You can even see that she has a contact in her eye, because of the awesome detail! Great job this week!!!

    Check out my blog if you get the chance: https://johnmooreimages.wordpress.com/
    Also, here is another classmates blog:
    And here is a cool site with great tips:


  2. Hey! Great photos. I really liked the composition of picture one. I believe it was the environmental one. It was engaging and I liked the lighting. My favorites were the ones you did the edits on specifically the one of her applying the face paint and then the one that was a close up of her face and eye. The closeness made the photo very engaging because you could see the sparkles on her eyelid. Great job! Check out Ericas work at: https://ericalyn77.wordpress.com/ Thanks!


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