Perspective of 12





I chose to take 12 different perspective shots of the Rexburg Temple. I loved all the possibilities there and the grounds are always so beautifully kept. I went on a bright, sunny day for good lighting. There were so many perspectives to shoot, including the typical ones. The flowers were gorgeous and framed well. Edits were done in Photoshop for brightness and contrast and sharpness.




At the top middle is my blended image. My texture was these beautiful flowers from the grounds. It is an overlay at 35% with a mask on the sky.


4 thoughts on “Perspective of 12

  1. Your texture image is so fun! I really like that the pattern is very different but still goes with the beauty of the temple. I also liked how you took shots from above looking down, nice job! Check out some of my work:

    Gaby also got creative with her texture blending:

    I found a blog on how to try getting new angles and variety:


  2. Hello Kenzie! Great job on all your pictures. I really like the of the benches because it follows the rules of thirds the plants create a frame. The picture of the temple blended photo is really awesome as well because of the composition and colors.
    Checkout my website:
    This is Channing’s:
    Checkout this website about using handwriting on photos:

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  3. Your photos are all well-litted and not over exposed at all; I am really impressed by your photography skills. Maybe, I haven’t really explored the outside of the temple so much, but there are so many nice and amazing angles you took, especially the fence/crest looking object. Your grid design is very clean and well spaced and using good alignment.

    Check out my *not so great” design here at:

    Check out this one as well:

    Then, after learning about composition, I came across force-perspective compositions and I find these really entertaining and creative:


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