About Me

12819430_10208547923805644_294679650984602071_oI am McKenzie Lyman and I am from Richardson, TX, a suburb of Dallas. I am currently 22 and living in Rexburg, ID attending Brigham Young University-ID for Visual Communications. I love photography, social media, and making things look good. In my free time, I love watching The Walking Dead and reading a good book.

I aspire to become better each day by creating opportunities to increase my knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, and to understand design on a new level. I am inspired by the nature around me and love to find the beauty in odd places. I am a quick learner and love being presented with a challenge.

I am currently interning at Willow St. Agency In Dallas and my favorite thing about this agency is how small it is. We’re a team of 5 and many opportunities arise to learn from each other or YouTube, because clients will often want something you don’t know how to do. By taking on these projects, I am able to increase my knowledge and learn how to learn on a daily basis.